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Falafel schnitzel sabich in pita

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Falafel schnitzel sabich in pita

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Shachar R.

2 Reviews

Keren M.

2 Reviews

מקום טעים ברמות הכל טרי ונעים לשבת החברה כאן מפנקים ואדיבים כדאי להגיע מי שלא אוכל פה לא יודע מה זה סביח ופלאפל טעים באמת

Itay W.

1 Reviews

מי שלא אכל סביח בבוטקה 23 לא יודע מה זה סביח. אוכל חבל על הזמן טרי ונקי בצורה מהממת .מומלץ בחוממממממממממממממממם!!!!

Elior C.

2 Reviews

The eyes glow from every bite and bite. Everything is clean, beautiful and delicious. I knew the place quite by chance when I moved there one day. And now I know that more often I will get there to be pampered. There are no champions on them. The vision is that I wish they would have a large chain with branches in every artist city !!

Itay T.

11 Reviews

יקר מאוד עליות מחירים מוגזמות, ונכנס חתיכת שניצל קטנה לפיתה כך שיוצא ששליש פיתה רק סלטים. לא ממליץ

ofir l.

3 Reviews

Already you just come in everyone is smiling at you and welcoming you with pepper to taste with grinding and potato crisps the most delicious pepper I've ever eaten in my life the best of the eggplant and schnitzel combination is no better than that Thank you for an amazing and worthwhile culinary experience

Michal I.

8 Reviews

שירות טוב ויחס חם אוכל מטורף וטעים ממליצה להגיע בלי לחשוב פעמיים חווית אוכל מדהימה!!

חיים ב.

5 Reviews

It was amazing!! Tasty very very very. A great experience, how I ordered and until the dish was served to me at the expense of the house Zipps and slices of spiced with lemon and no delicious .. The company in a friendly and happy place. Great price! One of the best dishes I've eaten and possibly the best.

דודי ל.

6 Reviews

I've been there before, they pamper you while waiting with a ball of falafel and a smile, then the pita is excellent, everything is fresh, clean and plentiful!! It was very tasty Another thing is tasty street food, clean and fair price, yes there will be plenty

גליה ב.

1 Reviews

There is falafel and there is a boutique 23. The most delicious falafel I have ever eaten. Perfect. Whoever is in the market of hope and does not enter loses. You will not be able to stop eating. In Bataka 23 you played it. Champions

Shiri E.

12 Reviews

The most delicious pita in Tel Aviv for sure !! Fridays have schnitzel in the challah and a fun atmosphere on the levels, not to be missed even on Fridays at the boutique! And chips like they used to be whole! A must for anyone who comes to hope

Ofer L.

7 Reviews

Very tasty. Kind and generous service. I'm not familiar with the pricing components of a falafel dish, but 22 NIS per dish + 10 NIS per can of zero seems to me a high price for a popular and simple dish

Ravid Z.

1 Reviews

Crazy food An atmospheric place I arrived on Monday, ate a crazy schnitzel challah Toppings of pickled fries and stuff stuff on the side for free A really cheap price that is unequivocally worth the experience

Stav P.

1 Reviews

‏האוכל היה מטורף והשירות אפילו יותר טוב

זהבי ל.

3 Reviews

A charming place with an atmosphere of love, courteous and pampering staff and the food is delicious, delicious gem, excellent, good luck to you Botka 23💖